Distance Sales Contract
This Agreement belongs to the SELLER, including the cases when the BUYER (Consumer) makes transactions with the application on his mobile device https://www.ozgcollection.com / regulates the rights and obligations of the parties regarding the sale and delivery to the BUYER of the following products/ services (“Products /Products”) that he wants to purchase by placing an order on the electronic commerce website (“WEBSITE”) and other matters. After the BUYER confirms this Agreement on the WEBSITE, the cost and costs of the Product(s) ordered are paid by the payment method he has chosen.
Article 1: PARTIES
seller :
(Mersis No.: 0650016294000001)
Phone :
E-Mail : onlinedestek@ozgcollection.com
Tax ID: 6500162940
Mersis No. : 0650016294000001
Seller’s Representative (if any) :
The Seller’s Representative’s Open : Address (if any):
Name, Surname/ Title :
Address :
Phone :
e-mail :


The Type and Type of Products (goods/services), Quantity, Brand/Model/Color, Pay Price(s) and Sales Price and Delivery Information, including Payment (collection) Information and the place of delivery notified by the BUYER, are as indicated below. If the cargo company that will make the delivery does not have a branch in the BUYER’s location, the BUYER must pick up the delivery from another nearby branch that will be notified by the SELLER (The necessary information to the BUYER in this regard will be made by e-mail / mail, SMS or phone). Other issues related to delivery are as follows 7 of the Contract. it is stated in the article.
Brand, Product, Color, Size, etc. _ TL_ TL
Used gift voucher
/ Money / sum TL Order processing and shipping-shipping fees TL

Pay (Collection) Information
Payment Method-Intermediary : (Credit Card / Paid by Credit Card or Cash Collection at the Door)
[The Card Type is Visa ….
Card Number ….
Pay by Credit Card …
Installments/One-Time Withdrawals to Credit Card .
The Total Amount Is … ]
Delivery Information :
Name, Surname/ Title :
Address :
Phone :
e-mail :
Billing Information :
Name, Surname/ Title :
Address :
Phone :
e-mail :
If the BUYER chooses the delivery option by delivery method from the OZGCOLLECTION Store where he selected the product during the order, the product will be delivered to the selected OZGCOLLECTION Store by the logistics company that will deliver it to the BUYER’s selected delivery point no later than 30 days. After the product is delivered to the delivery point, the BUYER will receive the product between 10.00-22.00 hours within 14 business days at the latest with the code received to the phone number/ e-mail address notified to the WEBSITE / transmitted when registering. Dec.10.00-22.00 hours. If the BUYER does not receive the product within this period, it will be accepted that he has returned the product and the product price will be refunded to the credit card/bank account where he placed the order. There is no delivery method from OZGCOLLECTION Store in the optioning service. The BUYER can call the customer service number ”05360221485″ for free to get information about his orders and to forward his complaints and “ onlinedestek@ozgcollection.com ” he can send a written notification to the e-mail address.


The BUYER agrees to confirm that he has been informed about the following issues by viewing and reviewing all general and special descriptions on the relevant pages-parts of the WEBSITE before the establishment of this Agreement by the BUYER with the acceptance on the WEBSITE and both the order and the obligation to pay. – The SELLER’s title and contact information, as well as up-to-date identifying information, – Tools suitable for the purpose of correcting incorrectly entered information during the sales process stages during the purchase of the product(s) from the WEBSITE, – electronic contact information that can be obtained from the Chamber of Profession to which the SELLER belongs (ITO-Istanbul Chamber of Commerce) and information about the rules of conduct prescribed by ITO related to the profession (Phone: 4440486, www.ito.org.tr ) – Paid paid by the SELLER for the BUYER’s information applicable confidentiality, data usage- processing and electronic communication rules to the BUYER and the permissions granted by the BUYER to the SELLER in these matters, BUYER’s legal rights, SELLER’s rights and procedures for using the rights of the parties, – Shipping restrictions stipulated by the SELLER for the products, – Payment methods accepted by the SELLER for the Product(s) subject to the contract, as well as the main features-qualities of the Products, total price including taxes (total price that the SELLER will pay to the SELLER, including related costs), – Information about the procedures for the delivery of products to the BUYER, as well as information about shipping-delivery-shipping costs, – Other payment/collection and delivery information related to the products, as well as information about the performance of the Contract, the obligations of the parties in these matters, – Products and other goods and services that the BUYER does not have the right to withdraw, – conditions, duration and procedure for using this right in cases where the BUYER has the right to withdraw, and the BUYER will lose the right to withdraw if the right is not used during the paid period, – In the Products that have the right to withdraw, if the Product breaks down or undergoes a change due to not being used in accordance with the instructions for use, normal operation or technical specifications during the withdrawal period, the BUYER’s withdrawal request may not be accepted and in any case it will be responsible to the SELLER, in cases where the SELLER agrees, it may charge an amount that it finds appropriate according to the change or change to the BUYER with a deduction (offset) from the refund paid to the BUYER, – In cases where there is a right of withdrawal, how can he return the products to the SELLER and all related financial matters (including return routes, costs and refunds of the Product price and discounts and deductions that can be made for award points earned / used by the BUYER during the return), – if the BUYER is a legal entity, he cannot use the “consumer rights”, especially the right of withdrawal for Products purchased for commercial or professional purposes (for example, bulk purchases are considered of this nature in any case), – According to its nature, all other terms of sale contained in this Agreement and this Agreement are approved by the BUYER on the WEBSITE and sent to the BUYER by e-mail after being established, so that it can be stored and accessed by the BUYER for the required period and the SELLER can store it for three years. – In case of dispute, the BUYER can submit complaints to the SELLER with contact information and make legal applications to the District / Provincial Arbitration Committees and Consumer Courts in accordance with the relevant provisions of Law No. 6502.
— The BUYER can call the customer service number “05360221485″ for free to get information about his order and to forward his complaints and “ onlinedestek@ozgcollection.com ” he can send a written notification to the e-mail address.


The BUYER has the right to withdraw from this Agreement without any justification and without paying any penalty conditions within fourteen (14) days from the date of receipt of the Product. However, by law, there is no right of withdrawal in contracts for the following goods /services, even if they have not been used / used: the BUYER can only deliver the returned product to the cargo companies with which the SELLER has an agreement. The return of the products delivered to the SELLER by any cargo company other than these cargo companies and the transportation fee are not accepted. Refunds will be made absolutely together with the original box or packaging, and the original box / packaging is damaged (for example, a product with a cargo label affixed to the original box and/or taped with cargo duct tape, etc.) returns of products that have lost their resellability feature and cannot be purchased by another customer are not accepted. The BUYER delivers the product he wants to return to the SELLER with a petition containing the original shipment and the reason for the return. If the BUYER wants to cancel the order, he/she must request cancellation via e-mail address, phone number or customer service number “05360221485”. Upon this, the SELLER notifies the BUYER by e-mail that the cancellation has taken place. It should be noted that if the product has not been shipped during the cancellation procedures, the entire fee will be refunded by the method performed by the transaction, and if the product is delivered to the cargo, the shipping fee is refunded to the BUYER by deducting.
a) Goods prepared in accordance with the BUYER’s special requests or his personal needs (including those that have been made special to the person/personal needs by making changes or additions to them, special Products imported/supplied from Jul or abroad based on the BUYER’s order) b) cosmetics, etc.with chocolate, etc. goods that may deteriorate quickly or have an expiration date, such as food items
c) again cosmetics, swimwear, underwear products, etc. goods whose protective elements such as packaging, tape, seal, package have been opened after delivery and whose return is not suitable for health and hygiene
d) goods that are mixed with other products after delivery and cannot be separated due to their nature
e) books, CDs, DVDs, audio and video recordings, software, etc., whose protective elements such as packaging, tape, seal, package have been opened. all kinds of products with digital content and computer consumables; vi) all services performed instantly in electronic environment and all kinds of intangible goods delivered instantly to the consumer
f) goods or services whose price changes depending on fluctuations in financial markets and which are not under the control of the seller/provider,
g) periodicals such as newspapers and magazines, except those provided under the subscription agreement