1. who are we? We are OZG E-COMMERCE FOOD AUTOMOTIVE CONSTRUCTION IMPORT EXPORT INDUSTRY LIMITED company and we process your personal data as the data controller. This means that we are responsible for how your data is processed and protected. See more.
  2. WHAT IS YOUR DATA USED FOR? Your data collected from you online and individually is used for, among other purposes, managing your registration as a user, managing your product and service purchases, answering your questions and, if you wish, providing you with a private communication service. See more.
  3. WHY DO WE USE YOUR DATA? Your data for different reasons

we have legal grounds to process. The main reason we use your data is that your data must be processed in order to fulfill the contract that you have agreed to when you register, make purchases or use any of our services or functions. In addition, your data is also used for other reasons, such as answering your questions and sending you the newsletters that you have requested us to send. See more.

  1. WITH WHOM IS YOUR DATA SHARED? Your data is shared with service providers who offer us support and assistance. These are third-party supplier companies. See more.
  2. YOUR RIGHTS. You reserve the right to access, edit or delete your personal data. In some cases, you also have other rights, such as objecting to the use of your data or objecting to the transfer of your data, as detailed below. See more.

We recommend that you read the entire Privacy Policy below to understand in detail how we use your personal data and your rights over this data.



  • Regardless of the method you use to interact with us in this Privacy Policy (online or one-on-one), you will be able to find all relevant information within the framework of our use of users’ and customers’ personal data.
  • We act with an understanding of transparency to help you understand what we do with your personal data and the consequences of the way your data is used, as well as your rights related to your data:

o We are permanently making all the information specified in this Privacy Policy available to you so that you can view it at any time. Also

as he interacts with us, you will be able to find out more information about how we use your data.

  • There are some terms that are regularly used in the Privacy Policy:

if we are talking about our platform, we generally mean any kind of channels or tools, digital or one-on-one, that you may have used to interact with us. The main platforms are:
▪ Our website.

▪ Our application, this includes the mobile application that you have installed on your device and other methods that we may use on our Platform.
▪ One-on-One, any Physical Store.


Data controllers:

▪ OZG E-COMMERCE FOOD AUTOMOTIVE CONSTRUCTION IMPORT EXPORT INDUSTRY LIMITED COMPANY, which currently carries out sales activities of OZG brand products in Turkey

o Mailing address: SUNNY MAH. 564 PP. NO:7 YÜREĞIR / ADANA

o The e-mail address of the Data Protection Officer:



From time to time, depending on the purpose for which we process your data, we may need to process certain data as described below.

These generally vary depending on each situation, but are as follows:

▪ Data that identifies your identity (for example, your first name, surname, image, language, country where you contacted us, contact information, etc.);

▪ Economic and transaction information (for example, your pay or card information, purchases, orders, refunds, etc. information about you.);

▪ Connection, location identification and/or navigation data (e.g. location data, device identification number or advertising ID, etc.);
▪ Advertising information (for example, whether you subscribe to our newsletter or not),

▪ Information about your tastes and preferences.

Please note that when we ask you to fill in your personal data in order to access any function or service on the Platform, some fields will be marked as mandatory because these fields are necessary to provide you with the service or to provide you with access to this function. Please note that if you do not provide such information to us, you may not be able to complete your user registration or use these services or functions.

In some cases, a third party may provide us with information about you using a feature or service on the Platform. For example, it can send you a gift card or ship the order to your address. In these cases, your data will be processed only when it is related to the feature or service, as stated in the Privacy Policy and Cookies.

In other cases, we may passively collect information about you using navigation cookies or other similar technologies and tracking tools on our Platform and in the communications we send to you.

Depending on how you interact with our platform, for example, depending on the services, products or functions you want to use, your personal data will be processed for the following purposes:

PURPOSE + information

  1. If you decide to become a registered user of our Platform as a platform user, the Platform
    to manage your registration, identify you as a user and perform different functions as a registered user,
    we process your data in order to provide you with access to products and services
    need to. Registered by contacting us via Customer Service
    you can cancel your user account.
    Different channels on the platform so that all information can be accessed together
    the activity that we have obtained through it, including your purchases
    the data we collect about your history will be linked to your account
    we would like to indicate.
  2. This purpose with us from the platform also includes:
    ▪ customer satisfaction related to the purchase you made ▪ Quality surveys and the service provided
    or the service agreement
    under the contract, including determining the level of


PURPOSE + information

development, implementation and updating in connection with functions, products or services, or
to be executed. to contact you for informative notifications
▪ Regardless of the payment procedure used, you paid for
managing paying for products. Example:
▪ Buy any of our products from our website or application
when purchasing, for future purchases, the function is available to
in cases, the Save pay information and shipping address feature
if you have chosen to activate, activating and developing this function
the specified data must be processed. To activate this function
allowing, automatic completed pay for your next purchases
allows your data to be displayed. So that in each new operation this
you do not need to enter the information, and this information is for subsequent purchases
it is considered valid and up-to-date. Registered user of the website
from your account or in the My Account section in the application
pay pay information can change your payment information at any time from the payment information
or you can cancel.
▪ Unauthorized use of the platform, such as purchase and refund
during the transactions, the guardian and/or against us
potential fraud attempts that may be carried out
the mechanisms necessary to prevent and detect
activate it. If we believe that the transaction may be a fraudulent action, either
also fraudulent use of our features, products or services
detecting an abnormal behavior that indicates that it is being used in this way
if we do, the transaction will be blocked or your user account will be
there may be consequences such as deletion.
▪ Potential changes after making the purchase, or
we manage returns and from time to time these options are available
depending on the availability of product stock status information requests,
to manage product reservations through the platform.
▪ For billing purposes and for purchases you make on the Platform
so that receipts and invoices can be made available to you.
▪ Purchase, Receipt, Gift Card or Gift Voucher management and
use of other existing functions or services, such as
to ensure that you can use it and in our physical stores
to enable you to access the Wi-Fi service we offer to our customers and
to enable you to use this service.
▪ Services that are available in some physical stores (for example
(for example, finding a product, booking a trial cabin) applying to you
your location and contact information may be processed in order to be able to present it through it.

  1. Through Customer Service Only to manage or resolve your request or application
    the request you submit to us or the personal information that is strictly necessary will be processed.


PURPOSE + information

fulfilling your applications If you contact us by phone, our quality of service and your requests
for. our meetings may be recorded for fulfillment.
If it is available and use WhatsApp to contact Customer Service
if you have chosen to use it as a resource for switching, this service
to confirm that you are a user, send your phone number to WhatsApp Inc.
It is shared with (a company based in the USA). WhatsApp’s services
more about how users use their personal data
to get detailed information, please read WhatsApp’s privacy policy and privacy
we recommend that you review the settings.
If it is available and to contact Customer Service
the chat service of social media networks or another business partner
if you prefer to use it, some personal information, such as your name and username
data is imported from the social media network or from the collaboration partner account